mercoledì 8 ottobre 2008

Install Windows XP on Acer aspire ONE

What you need :

-> Another computer
-> A usb pen 1 Gb+
-> XP/VISTA disc
-> USB Multiboot (DOWNLOAD)

First of all you have to insert your disc in the computer, select ALL the files and folders and copy them on a foler in C:\ (or wherever you prefer).

After doing that plug in the usb pen in the pc and check that no other removable disk devices are connected.

Unpack the usbmultiboot file and, inside the folder, launch USB_multiboot_10.cmd.

Once the program is "launched"

- Press any key
- Press H, then ENTER; a window will open up, select NTFS and check that the drive you're going to format is the right one; after format is complete, press close
- back in the program window press 1 followed by enter, select the folder where you have copied all windows files from the disk and click ok; press CANCEL in the windows that will appear
- in the program press 2 followed by enter, select the USB pen and then type ok
- in the main window type 3, then enter, press yes. wait.... after copying is complete press ok and then any key to exit the program

With the one shutted down, plugin the usb pen(NEVER UNPLUG IT UNTIL YOUR INSTALLATION IS COMPLETELY FINISHED); turn on the computer and press F12.
As booting device select your usb pen.

A boot window will appear, with keyboard arrows select step 1 and click ok.
When you reach the partition tool, delet the biggest one (leaving the smallest where it is), and replace it with a new one (NTFS). It will take some time for the format.

Procede with installation procedure, and then when te one will restart be there, ready to push F12 again, reach the boot window and, this time, select 2. Proceed as usual.

At the last restart always use F12 and in the boot window press again 2. Complete your installation. After windows is started, you can unplug the usb pen. That's all ;)